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Shed Remodel

Project has begun

Design The rough idea is that I’m going to change where the door is, and add some windows, and replace the siding and underfloor to prep for finishing the insides. Eventually, I want to build a deck off the front also to give a nice little porch to hang out on and to convert my janky backyard … Read More →


In 2019, after lots of discussions with my financial advisor about margins and allowing space in my life beyond work, I decided I wanted to take up throwing pottery. I had done it once or twice with my sister when I was in my early twenties. Finding and getting into an open ceramics class is … Read More → lessons

One of the things that I’ve always had trouble with is spatial reasoning in 2d to represent 3d. I understand the general ideas behind perspective and making things feel/look 3d, but I could never translate into practical applications beyond cubes. I found [] which has a … Read More →