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One of the things that I’ve always had trouble with is spatial reasoning in 2d to represent 3d. I understand the general ideas behind perspective and making things feel/look 3d, but I could never translate into practical applications beyond cubes.

I found [http://drawabox.com] which has a series of lessons dedicated to exactly the problem that I’m having, so for June 2020, I’m going to practice drawing, using a mix of their lessons and more playful drawing to try to improve my drawing skills. Since we are in the quarantine lockdown for COVID-19, it sound like a good use of my time.

I’m going to post updates to this project each day in June. I’ve technically started today, but might be a bit spotty until June. On June 1st, I’m going to do a self-portrait, then on July 1st, I’m going to do another self-portrait, so I can judge myself on how improved I am. Drawing has always been one of those elusive things for me because it requires alot of dedicated practice, and I get frustrated with perfectionism. My goal for this isn’t perfection or accuracy, it’s fluidity and confidence.

Lesson 1

Two pages of superimposed lines

Assignment: Superimposed Lines

lesson 1 - 1 lesson 1 - 2

One page of ghosted lines

Assignment: Ghosting Lines

lesson 1 - 3

Two pages of ghosted planes

Assignment: Ghosted Planes

lesson 1 - 4