Shed Remodel — Delays Delays

What’s the worst part of any project? Waiting. Since this shed project has been somewhat rushed in the lead up to my vacation time, I’m running into issues with lead times. Everything is slowed because of COVID-19, which I can understand, but I didn’t realize exactly how long things would take.

Today is the second to last day of my vacation. The lumber was just delivered today (pictured above), so that’s how my vacation went. I didn’t get to make nearly as much progress on the shed as I had hoped.

What I have accomplished is that the door and windows have been ordered, so I know what the rough-in sizes need to be. This means I can reframe, resheath, and house wrap the studio. Great.

What I did leading to and during my vacation was prepare the site further. I started to dig a trench around the studio so that I can lay in weed block and rocks to both help with splash up as well as give a nice groomed look around the studio.

trench 1 trench 2 trench 3

This was somewhat back-breaking work with a shovel. It’s been dry lately so the ground is pretty packed. I should have moistened it to make it easier, but I didn’t think that far in advanced.

Two sides of the shed are not accessible because of clearance to the fences. I know that I’m will replace the fence on the alley side, so I took some boards down to give access to all of the plant matter back there, and start building the trench there.

fence gone

There are three different invasive species duking it out back there: Bamboo, Blackberries, and Morning Glories. I ripped all of it out, and tried to get rid of most of the root systems, but damn, that was hard. Some of them have roots from hell.

roots from hell

The side between the side fence isn’t going to be the weed block or rocks because nothing grows back there anyway, and it’s not visible. That’s a little less work that I have to do. At some point, I may change my mind, but for now, I don’t think it’s necessary.

I also spent time continuing to clean the inside of the shed out. There was the annoying detail of the workbench that was left in there that was falling apart.


A crowbar (pictured) made easy work of the workbench. Once that was all done, it was time for a trip to the dump. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the truck loads, but I took about 800lbs of shit to the dump. Here is a glimpse of the junk pile that collected under the carport while I was working on it. I still have a wheelbarrow full of trash that needs to be dealt with as well as an old electric mower that I’ll be scavanging for parts.


With the shed mostly empty, there were a couple of confusing things that I discovered. First, there was a power cable run somewhere into the ground, but it had no power, so I have no idea what it was, where it went, or anything. I cut it out, and I will patch the hole with some expanding foam so I don’t have to deal with possible bug intrusion. The last thing is this thing that is attached to the ground plate, and I’m not sure what it is.

what is it

If you know what it is, get in touch because I’d love to know what it is!