Shed Remodel — Project has begun


The rough idea is that I’m going to change where the door is, and add some windows, and replace the siding and underfloor to prep for finishing the insides. Eventually, I want to build a deck off the front also to give a nice little porch to hang out on and to convert my janky backyard gate into a sliding gate. I sketched up a little design.


I know I want double doors leading out to the side of the yard, and windows on both short ends. Now, the other long end is against a fence, so I don’t think it makes sense to put windows there, and it’ll be fine to be a solid wall.

Now, part of the design process is deciding on materials, and siding is the most important choice. I’ve decided to go with cement fiber board called Hardieplank by James Hardie because of its availability in the area. I would have much rather used Nichiha but its general availability in the area is pretty low and they don’t sell through retail outlets. Since I’m doing all the work myself, having to go through a contractor or architect to purchase would just be annoying and I don’t have time for that.

I haven’t decided on a color yet, but I know that I want the shed to be in dark colors. I’m planning to most likely have red trim so either their Iron Gray, Night Gray, or Evening Blue would be my best choices. Deciding on trim color specifically can wait a bit and I’ll most likely go with Benjamin Moore paint because that’s what I use on the inside of the house, and I really like their Aura paint that my friend Kince turned me on to.


The first step, which I finished a long time ago was to rip out some of the cabinets that were in there. Luckily, I’m a member of PNA which has a nice tools library, so I borrowed a Sawzall, and went to work on it.

cabinet demolition in progress last cabinet progress no more cabinets

And eventually all of this needs to go to the dump, so I’m starting to collect a pile of stuff under the carport and will do one large dump run with a rented truck once I’m more along in the process.

junk pile

There is still a workbench in the shed that needs to be cut out and removed, which I’m doing this weekend. I’m also filming all of it and will edit together a build video for it once I have enough of it done. I’m considering streaming the construction work on my twitch channel if you want to follow along. The rough schedule is going to be starting at 8am every day starting on August 22nd, 2020, but that may fluctuate depending on delivery dates of things.