About me

Grayson Arts is a clearinghouse for the artistic output of Russell “Grayson” Hay. As an ex-trapeze artist, Dick Grayson has always spoken to Russell, and hence Grayson Arts was born.

This is me

In my own words

I’m a southern-transplant living in the greater Seattle area. I moved to Seattle on a whim when I was 21, and it was the craziest and best decision of my life.

I’m a software engineer by trade and a creative maker by passion. When I’m not working, I spend a good bit of my time designing new things, tinkering with electronics, and trying my damnedest to incite productive mayhem in those around me.

Recent Posts

Stylegan2 Graffiti Wallpapers

For my next patreon postcard, I’m training a stylegan2 network on graffiti photos that I curated from flickr’s graffiti tag. Even though it’s only been training for about 8 hours, it’s turning out some interesting images, so I decided to turn my favorite from the first 1000 … Read More →

Shed Remodel

Delays Delays

What’s the worst part of any project? Waiting. Since this shed project has been somewhat rushed in the lead up to my vacation time, I’m running into issues with lead times. Everything is slowed because of COVID-19, which I can understand, but I didn’t realize exactly how long … Read More →

Gan Exploration

I have been taking a Machine Learning for Art class with Lia Coleman who I met through Seattle Creative Code a small group of artists who use code to make art. Most of this has been trained on Colab, but I’m currently setting up a machine learning rig so I’m not tied to the time limits … Read More →